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Who is Dave Vass?

Dave Vass is the co-founder and visionary behind Local Online Advertising Experts, My Mobile Marketing, and Holy Cow Apps. Dave's passion is marketing and he enjoys helping business owners market their businesses more effectively. Dave is a firm believer that being at the top of Google is one of the best marketing strategies in the 21st century for any business. Local Online Advertising Experts is unique because they actually take away a lot of the risk from the business owner that is normally present when dealing with "conventional" SEO companies. You'll find that when you deal with Dave and his company you'll come away feeling refreshed because he'll tell you the truth no matter what (unlike all the b.s. that is so prevalent nowadays).


Edmonton SEO - What Sets Us Apart From Other SEO Companies

These days, it has become next to impossible to successfully do business without having some kind of representation online. The prevalence of Google and the way that people use the Internet has created a need for small businesses to make themselves visible to local Internet users.

In the twenty-first century, where the Internet is accessible non-stop thanks to smartphones and tablet computers, anyone thinking about using a local business will almost always check online first, and take a look at which companies are listed at the top of Google, and which ones are getting the best reviews.

Proven Success

Because of how important it can be to a small business’s brand and to a company’s visibility, many are beginning to turn to SEO services to help them reach the top of the local search listings. Small businesses know that if their business is the first to appear when someone looks up related search terms, they’re going to get a lot more calls and a lot more business.

But not all of the SEO services available have demonstrated an ability to get their clients websites listed at the top of Google. In fact, many of these services are failing to get representation for their clients on Google’s first page.

This is the first thing that sets us apart: our track record is close to impeccable when it comes to getting our clients to Google’s first page, and top the top three listings of the organic search results. We’ve been able to accomplish this goal 90% of the time we set out to try it, and we’re confident we’ll be able to replicate these results for you.

No Risk For Our Clientele

Another aspect of our business model that is starkly different from what you’ll find elsewhere is the way in which we assume all of the risk for this enterprise. Most SEO companies will charge you a huge monthly rate with no guarantee that they’re going to be successful. You go on paying this monthly rate, hoping that your business is going to eventually show up in Google’s search results, but not necessarily finding it there.

With us, it’s different. You tell us what search terms you want to rank for, and we begin the process on your behalf. Only when we have your business represented on the first page of Google do we start to ask you to pay, and then we still only ask for half of the fee. Only when your desired results are achieved, and your business is ranking in the top 3 search results on Google’s front page do we ask for the full price, and by then you should already be experiencing results.

A New Way Of Doing Business

In a way, not only offer an excellent opportunity for you to get your business to the top of Google, but we present a way of doing business that could potentially make your brand and your services infinitely more relevant to the local target markets. We can revolutionize your online presence, so that whether it’s on mobile devices, social media sites, review sites like Yelp and Yellow Pages, your business is always the first thing to appear, and is always showing up in a positive context. This can make such a huge difference in engendering trust in new clients, and growing your business, and we make sure it’s all easy, and affordable processes that get you there.

If you’re looking for Edmonton SEO services but are concerned about finding the right company to help you out, don’t be. We are an exceptional Edmonton SEO company and we would be glad to help your business grow. Contact us now to learn more about the services that we offer.

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